dearest ryry,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you are such a shining star and i adore you do much. you're so strong and sassy and brave and smart, i admire you so much. professionally you are such an amazingly talented and hard working person, and personally you are simply one of the best people on this planet. i am so lucky to know you and i love getting to know you better. i hope you know how loved and admired you are, how beautiful you are, how irreplaceable you are, especially today but on all days because you should never feel anything less. i hope you get all the best things today and i will personally make sure there are cats involved, i have five at the ready to smother you with love (or be mildly aloof but semi interested). love you to bits, my ryry. happiest of happy birthdays to you!

love always and forever, lili 😺💜