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Name   lee chaeryeong
Bday    06 / 05 / 2001
Zodiac    Gemini
Residence   itzy's heart
Hobbies:    Singing, Dance, pop culture, being cute, disassociating, loving my friends
music:    girl groups!!!! 🎀🌸✨🦄
status:    taken ♡
hobi hi chaery!

first of all, happy birthday!! i really want you to have the best day possible because you of all people deserve it. i don’t know what it is, but from the first day we spoke, i’ve had an unexplainable bond with you and i will forever hold it close to my heart. you are my spiraling, emotional twin. you get me, you listen to me, you hear me out, you help me through a lot of things that i never thought anyone could and i am so grateful for you. we share so many similarities, i always look to you for guidance and for a boost of confidence and strength and you do it without hesitation. i know you do that with a lot of people around you too which is why everyone is so grateful for you. i am truly blessed that i am one of those people and i’ll forever be here to do the same for you. i’ll forever be here to hype you up, i’ll forever be here to watch romcoms and cry and relate to you on things that you feel like you can’t with anyone else. you are my best friend and i am extremely lucky to have met you and welcome you into my bubble, which has ultimately turned into our bubble. please have the best day and more amazing days after that!

💛 hobi
yangyang CHAERY!! happy birthday my fellow witch, you are by far the coolest bro i have and i'm very happy that i do! i hope you get a better tarot card pull for your birthday than that first one and also maybe a duck familiar?? who can say. you're always so funny and lovely so you deserve all the good birthday things
somi chaery (my breakdown twin 😭👯‍♀️) ,

i've tried to start this letter a few times now but i keep crying too much to see what i'm typing lmao classic! get ready for this outpouring of love~ the fact that we keep getting older is kinda wild to me considering i remember being actual babies performing on sixteen together like it was yesterday. now you're the goddess of fire absolutely burning up the stage (that one center part will never leave my mind) and i couldn't be more proud. when i first saw you perform, i was both razzle dazzled and, DUH, intimidated by the sheer talent. you dance like you've always known the moves before you even learn them. it's as if they're just waiting dormant in your body until you call upon your superpower to bring them to life and boy, do you ever shine bright. i am in awe of your radiant charisma, stage presence, effortless beauty, crazy stable vocals despite the hardest choreo ever, i could go on for an entire scroll about this topic let me tell you. the fact that i got to train alongside you feels like a dream and it's one of the best gifts i could have been given. i'm positive that watching you, practicing with you, receiving your (loving) orders and corrections — all of it has stuck with me over the years and helped me to become a better performer. i often think to myself "how would chaery do this move?" and then laugh/cry at the idea of being able to replicate that because you are one of a kind and that flavor, it's something special, a secret recipe no one will ever be able to recreate. i hope you always feel certainty in exactly how powerful you are and if you ever doubt it, know i'll be here to back you up and hype you up until we're both weeping probably.

not only have you inspired me as an artist, but you inspire me on a personal level as well. you invest so much of yourself into the people you care about. you look after your friends, stick up for them, make them a priority even while being in one of the busiest and most booked girl groups in the game. whenever we get a chance to hang out and catch up, it's like we've never been apart. you're just the easiest person to love and talk to, with the best stories and the most charming way about you. hilarious, insightful, and empathetic but also fair and firm when you need to be. i know i could come to you for the honest truth about anything and you would tell me, and that's the kind of friend everyone needs by their side. this chaotic pisces appreciates your input and advice more than words can say. you are such an important part of my life. past, present, and future. our breakdown bond is forever 🤧

there is nobody like you, lee chaeryeong. happy birthday~!!

johnny there once was a girl named chaeryeong
who respected her elders all wrong
her youth and talent (tenfold)
made this senior feel old
until her own day of birth came along

but may your year have a prosperous tone
find health and happiness wherever you roam
as i'm just here to say
have a happy birthday
until you join me at the retirement home
lisa cu-chae!

first off, happy birthday! i hope you celebrate with all your favorite things - people, things, foods. i especially hope you are showered with all the love you deserve! and with cake. well maybe not showered with cake but i hope there's a lot of it. i am so happy i know you, you're so incredible. you are so sweet and silly and kind, it always makes me so happy to he around you, i can't help but smile. but you're also so real, which i think is such an important thing. on top of the fact that you're simply an incredible person you have SO MUCH TALENT. i really can't wait to see what you do next. one last time... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CU-CHAE!!!

with so much love, lili
mark CHAEBROOOOO it's your birthday today and the maknae of our fambily finally crosses the threshold from international teendom so you know i'm feeling OLD but if i'm feeling ancient imagine how elderly daniel must feel. anyway i just wanna say that i hope you have the BEST AND HAPPIEST DAY free from all trouble and strife and things that you need to disassociate from. i want this to be your cheetah girls 1 and 2 era and not the third one because you said that one is wack. you're always one who has been ready to help people but you also aren't shy (#notshy) to keep it real and tell the truth knowing that it's going to help people and make them better in the end which is something that i really appreciate about you a lot. you worked really hard to get where you are and you know the meaning of sacrifice since you trained all those years but in the end you made it and i think THAT'S REALLY INSPIRING and i hope on days like today you feel like it's all worth it when you get to step back and see how much everybody likes you and respects you INCLUDING ME I'M SORRY FOR BEING LOUD BUT YOU KNOW I HAD TO TURN IT UP ON THE BIRTHDAY LIKE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE SAID YOU'RE ONE YEAR OLDER, GIRL! TIME TO LIVE IT UP LIKE JA RULE SAID HAVE A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY
taehyung CHAERYEONG! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite people in the world! you deserve at LEAST a week's worth of celebrations even if five of those is just watching romcoms and eating good food...can we do that soon? i hope this year is as good to you as you are to the people around you because without exception you've always been understanding and kind and ready to listen without ever expecting anything back all while still maintaining honesty and good humor. i just feel like i can't fully explain how nice and safe it is to talk to someone like you every day and how lucky i feel for it.

i love our friendship so much and i wouldn't change you for anything, ever, no matter how hard on yourself you might be. thank you for being you and making me laugh every single day and for being right all the time 👼 this year will be amazing for you and i'll be cheering you on the whole time. let's keep laughing together! i love you so much!

💜 taehyung
felix CHAECHAE HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY TWINNIE okay so every time i tried to write this i started crying so WE'RE JUST GOING TO LEAN INTO THE TEARS sorry if this is a mess but honestly there aren't words to describe how much i love you and how precious you are to my life. you are one of the most glowingly beautiful human beings i've ever met with the warmest energy like the perfect sunny day. you are such a loving and devoted friend to anyone that gets the honor of being in your circle. even on the very worst days or the very worst situations, you find a way to lighten the load with your compassion and humor. there's something about you that is so pure and sweet and beautiful and i feel so lucky to get to exist in the same timeline as lee chaeryeong, the best emotional support twin anyone could ask for 😭 i love you beyond all the moons and stars and i hope today is the very best and the most fun like you deserve. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAD BABY!!!!!!
haechan CHAERPAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GEMINI TWIN!!!! being friends with you has truly been one of the greatest parts of my life, even through our ups and downs i feel lucky that i get to call you one of my closest friends. you get me in a way i don't feel a lot of people do, somehow you always seem to know exactly what i'm thinking and feeling and i love it so much. I'M GRATEFUL FOR EVERY MOMENT WE SPEND TOGETHER chaerphae time is the highlight of my month and getting to know you even more is something i'll happily keep doing FOREVER. i hope you feel special and loved today on your birthday AS YOU SHOULD ON ALL DAYS and please know how wonderful i and everyone else thinks you are. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! thank you for being my friend and loving me too. i'm gonna wish upon a star that your birthday is the best day of all days.
julia much like everyone else, writing this has felt nigh impossible just because of how overcome with emotion i've felt every time i've tried to start. the fact that everyone is having such a hard time getting started, i believe, really demonstrates how much you mean to everyone. it's so hard to verbalize how much i love you and how important a force you are in my life as both a stabilizing presence and the person i go to when i want to spiral into the unending abyss about trivial matters such as why olivia rodrigo and sabrina carpenter fought over a boy with horrible fashion sense as if they both couldn't just like, do better? but you're there for the more important matters, too, like the times when i'm struggling to cope with our workload or the insecurities that come with feeling like a lesser member of our group, our social circle, our industry in general. i never feel like you're trying to placate me with your words by offering me a token pat on the back. i always really feel like you're digging deep and offering up a piece of yourself by relating to me, being just as vulnerable and making me feel less alone in the process. you've always been that way since we were teens. it must be terribly exhausting to do that for someone who needs it as much as i do but i imagine it's only intensified when you're doing it for all of your friends, all of the time. empathy is not an easy job! alas, you do it well, you do it so bravely, and i'm always so thankful to have a person like you in my life and in the lives of the people that i care about because you're such a beautiful soul.

of course, none of that is to speak of your more superficial talents like being the most talented dancer i know and having a body that i am almost always looking (disrespectfully) at. 😌 there is so much to like about you and i feel lucky all the time to have you as a sister, just as close to me as anyone with a blood relation. you're funny, kind, and beautiful. i think the world of you~ i hope that this year is full of love and light and confidence and the chance to spread your wings and show everyone who you are as an individual. i'll always be by your side to hype you up, rub your shoulders and give you a pep talk when needed, and offer many, many kleenexes along the way. i love you so, so, so much.

you arrived in my life exactly when i needed you. thank you for letting me lean on your shoulder and drift to sleep at the cafe near cheongdam station before work when we were trainees and thank you for letting me lean on you all the time in so many ways now. you can always lean back. i will never let you down~

happy birthday!!! 🎉🎈🎊🥳
yeji my supernatural twin flame ––

supernatural is the only word that fits!! you are beyond natural, miles from extraordinary. lee chaeryeong is otherworldly, magical, someone capable of things far greater than herself which is a fact that you've proven time and time again with your unwavering resilience, immeasurable talent and the willingness to always learn, grow and improve yourself in order to hone your skills. you've always been someone i admire, even as your unnie i look up to you a lot. you give me strength. i remember being so scared and timid whenever i first joined jyp, but i quickly learned that you would always be there to hold my hand whenever i felt weak or anxious, sad or even petrified... and i am those things a lot. lee chaeryeong is a quiet, gentle but impactful voice full of love and sweetness and i've never felt so lucky to have you as a group member and a sister in tendem. you make my job as leader so much easier than it could be because not only do you listen to me well, but you're always there help the others whenever they need it, too. you have a gift for giving advice and directions well, making all of us feel like we're really doing our best as a group and to me that's beyond special and something that i've also been learning a thing or two about.

it's so hard for me to think about the fact that you're no longer going to be a teenager. 😔 all of my babies aren't babies anymore (except for yuna but she'll always be a baby to me) and i'm in disbelief that we're already on our third year post-debut. does that make us an old group now? does that make us old women now? every time i think about this it freaks me out, like we'll be 10 years post-debut and i'll still be screaming about how old we are suddenly while panic buying expensive skincare, but i couldn't imagine screaming and crying about those trivial things with anyone but you. i'm really excited to spend our twenties together in mutual screaming gemini melt-down harmony. none of those words actually made sense put together but that's ok. i know you get it~

i just hope that you have the best birthday imaginable. i hope that you're always healthy and happy, and i hope you feel the same kindness and love that you give to so many of us. you deserve to have that energy filtered back to you, and to me it's obvious how many people truly love you and feel deeply connected to you. i think that's part of what makes you so special. people connect with you easily. you make people feel at home and at ease – it's a quality that everyone wishes they had, and you make it look so easy. you're an angel, and heaven is definitely less with you here on earth.

i love you so damn much, roomie!!!

happy birthday~ 🎉🥳🖤

ryujin chaerbear 🐻💖 it's finally your day to shine (i maintain that this should be every day but i digress) and i'm manifesting all the wonderful vibes that you deserve. i'm so happy that you've come into yourself this year and made everyone sit up and take notice of what a gem you truly are. you're so beautiful inside and out and whether you realize it or not, you always brighten a room. i'm so thankful to have you by my side for all the joy, craziness, and moments in between, even if we're embarrassing ourselves in the process. i can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together spending too much money on self-care and quoting mk&a movies until we pass out.

i hope your day is as bright and amazing as you are and you get everything you want. a million hugs are waiting for you as soon as you want them 😭
daniel dearest chaery,

happy birthday to the one and only chaebro™️! we really do love you so much and are so excited to see you through another year of life – well, except for maybe julia who is probably crying somewhere as she has to see another one of her babies get older. (she’s a cancer! she can’t help it!)

thank you for allowing me and mark to be the annoying brothers you didn’t know you needed in your life, and thank you for being the sage and understanding little sister that i needed in mine. you hear me out when i’ve got to get something off my chest, and likewise, i’ve always got your back no matter what. don’t forget that!

i hope that this year we will be able to make more great memories together, as even though we haven’t known each other for a particularly long time, i really appreciate the good memories we’ve had so far.

okay, i need to wrap this up because i’m writing it in yeji’s wire window, and i think she’s going to go insane over seeing “kang daniel is typing...” for ten minutes straight, but for more compliments and well wishes, please shoot me a DM. i’m not like other guys. i actually respond.

happy birthday once again, princess broryeong of the bro cult! 🍷👟


daniel k.
jihyo CHAERY!!! hello it's jihyo unnie~ it has been the biggest blessing watching you grow into the woman you are becoming. on your next trip around the sun, i hope you get everything you've ever dreamed of and that you work so hard for. the passion, love and work you put in to your craft never fails to impress me and i know there is a lot i can learn from you. please rest a lot, you deserve it after one heck of a comeback. i promise i will only try to steal the smallest bite of your cake, and we can both pretend i am not lying. i love you very much, have the happiest of birthdays.
jaehyun hi chaery! we don't know each other well but i want to change that because you're so fun to talk to each time we have. i hope you have a good day getting all the love and fun you deserve, happy birthday!
minju dear beautiful and brutal miss chaery 🍒✨🌸 it's your birthday! i adore and cherish you so much, you deserve all the stars in the galaxy for how sweet and kind you are. your confident, shining energy is so impactful and contagious that it makes me feel warm even on my bad days. i know i can always go to you for anything and everything, from talking about our (well mostly yours lmao) questionable crushes to watching dramatic fancy rich people dramas together 😭 i can count on you like one two three and i'm so grateful that you're now such a big part of my life 💞 you're a darling beautiful soul, inside and out. you deserve the best today! eat lots of cake for me and we'll work on our ep! here's to all the grammys and award shows we're going to win when people listen to "daddy? 🤔" and "tears on the steering wheel" 🥳🍾🎉 happy birthday! i love you! white
hyunjin between you me and everyone else reading this (welcome to the cry party i guess) i've gone through at least 6 different rewrites because despite everything i want to express i just can't seem to get it all out in a way that isn't just a series of keysmashing, capslock abuse or "remember when" anecdotes. at least 3 different versions included a very clever "happy birthday and all but it's been a while since you asked me about [redacted] you should ask me about [redacted]" and, honestly, i think that alone says so much.

the thing is, yes, it's a joke and, yes, it comes at a high price of far more frustration than you deserve on your special day lmao but there is so much love and appreciation in that angry little [redacted] than i could ever describe. it's how i know i can give you so much of myself, how you welcome me (and so many others) into your kind and loving world, how you create a safe space and how you are without any doubt without any question or hesitation always so genuine honest loving and patient. you are unapologetically true to yourself and who you are but without risking anyone else's sense of self or belonging. you are just so entirely YOU!! a very exclusive never before seen chaery brand, deserving of endless praise from all honestly.

do you remember watching frozen? no??? me either lmao!!! because i just remember talking to you and crying and feeling the world getting so much lighter and that's just who you are!! you are, if i have to sum it all up in a single word, something like home. you are joy and comfort and being both our worst and best versions! you are my wax on wax off sensei in the art of confrontation and the glittering team charlie rights thread to bind crying and laughing into one uniquely wonderful experience. i hope we can spend a million lifetimes together just to watch every single romcom ever to exist and i hope that you will never stop loving julia roberts with your entire being so i can experience that excitement and passion over and over and over again.

you are the brightest star in the universe, hands down, the sun is literally embarrassed to exist in the same reality as you!! and i hope that you will always trust and treasure yourself, never doubt the importance you have in so many lives but especially mine. i can't live this team charlie life alone. and keep reaching your fire goddess potential in every summoning circle 🔥🔥🔥🍒🔥🔥🔥 happy birthday!!!!
han HAPPY BIRTHDAY BREAD BABY!!!! 🎉🧁🍒🎉🧁🍒🎉🧁🍒🎉 i know i can be really touch and go and we don't speak as much as i'd like to, but for the times we do you've always had such a sweet and easygoing presence and i've always appreciated that no matter how awkward i can be, you're always just happy to go with the flow and make it feels like it's no pressure. you have such a warm and inviting personality and i'm always really inspired by the sort of person that you are, it's easy to see what a kind and loving energy you give off whenever we talk and i just want to say i'm grateful for anytime we get to speak! it always makes me really happy when you send me cool videos of lizards and they make my day a little better. i hope going forward that we can catch up more more but more importantly, i just wanted to say thank you for always being such a sweet person and for being there and looking out for my boys who i know you play an especially huge part for 🤏 I HOPE YOU HAVE THE BEST DAY CHAERY you deserve a huge crown and all the love in the world today!!