merry christmas, jungkook!!
i can't believe there was ever a time when i used to be too nervous to talk to you. whenever i first joined the group, you seemed as if you'd already disconnected from it so i tried my best to bother you as often as i could to get you to stay AND IT WORKED. now we've been stuck together for 7 months. can you even believe it? jeongguk, i've never had a friend like you. the moment we started talking, we connected so deeply and you made it feel easy to be vulnerable and open with another person even though i had built up some really strong walls around mysef. it was a very new feeling, but i'm learning to open my heart up more because of it. from the moment we started talking, i really trusted you and i think that's a testament to the type of person you are. you're easy to talk to, easy to trust, and so easy to love. you deserve the universe and i wish sometimes i could pluck it from existence and gift it to you myself. you're the best, please never forget that! i love you! merry christmas~
with love from yeji