merry christmas, lia!!
you're my best friend, did you know that? i didn't really grow up with a lot of friends -- i wasn't the prettiest or the most popular girl in school, so my social life and social development ended up suffering detrimentally because of it. my family were really the only constants for me, and that only got worse after my hospital stay. i was behind, the friendships that i did have faded and i was alone a lot apart from the acquaintances i made in my various hobbies... until i joined jype. i didn't realize at the time that i would be meeting my second family, my circle of sisters and i didn't realize (but i hoped for it) that i'd be debuting with them years later. after i met you, something felt like it clicked together and i felt it in the fabric of my soul... like one piece that i had always been missing somehow found its way back to me. i guess it's a little dramatic, but i'm a little dramatic!! you just mean an awful lot to me. your friendship, your support, your presence. i love every part of you and i wouldn't change one little thing. i know being friends with me can't be easy sometimes because i can be so messy, so inconsiderate and selfish, but i'm grateful to you for grounding me and being so willing to help me find myself again when i'm lost in the dark. thank you for being there for me, i hope you know that all i want is to be able to do the same for you. through your good times, your bad times, your in the middle times. i just want to be somebody you love. i want to make you proud the same way you make me proud. i hope you have the best christmas, i hope your heart feels warm and i hope you know how loved you are. merry christmas~
with love from yeji