to minhyung. . .           
hi baby 🧡 i know that we still don't really have a set anniversary since the dark times, but june 17th is still a really special day to me and ever since we got back together, i've hesitated trying to celebrate because i wasn't sure when you wanted to or if you wanted to, so i really hope that this is okay for me to do. it's not anything huge, just a kind of acrostic poem and a few songs that make me think about you. i also got you a couple desserts from my favorite bakery in order to help celebrate!


agnetic: i don't know if you know this or not, but you have a way of drawing people to you. you're interesting and funny and talkative, and so many people are entranced by how you carry yourself, including me. it's one of the things i noticed first about you. you keep your friends and even strangers interested in every single thing you have to say, even if they can't relate to it themselves and i think that's such a special part of who you are. you are the glue keeping everyone together, the magnet keeping us all stuck in this spot with one another and i can't think of one person who isn't grateful for you and all of the work you've put in here. you're absolutely loved beyond words.


ltruistic: you continuously sacrifice your energy and your own personal happiness for the sake of others. even when you aren't in a good mood or you're going through your own things, you take it upon yourself to make everyone in the group feel good and happy and like they belong. i know that i say it so often, but it really does amaze me... your ability to keep your dms active with every single person in the group, making them feel seen and appreciated. sometimes i wish you could take a break. a vacation, somewhere beautiful and peaceful (canada?) where you can get some peace and quiet. i know it's unrealistic and it will probably never actually happen, but it's nice to think about. i like picturing you happy and away from daily responsibilities and struggles for even just a short period of time. i like thinking about you being carefree for once in your life. i'll keep working hard to make things on our end a little bit easier, anyway.


adient: we talk about being the sun for each other, but you have to know that for you it's true. you're all brightness and warmth wrapped up in such a sweet package. it's important to note that these aren't just words i'm spewing, but my truest feelings pulled from the bottom of my heart. i want you to know your smile makes it beat a little faster, and your laugh is so infectious that i can't help but laugh along with you, even if i'm just watching a video of you or something. you're able to lift my mood just by smiling, by telling you that you love me, or wrapping me up in your arms after a long day of work for the both of us. i love it about you, and i probably don't tell you enough. it's the reason why i chose this color scheme!! but as you know, i'm still getting used to feeling this deeply about another person and i'm still learning how to express what i'm feeling, so thank you for being patient with me while i continue navigate. i just wanted you to know that you make me feel warm and safe with your sunshine and all of your love.


nowledgable: you know so much about so much. you're insanely smart and well-read, and it's a quality that i admire a lot and i wish i could emanate. sometimes i feel like i'm smart and i know a lot, but you completely blow me out of the water with this one. i could start talking about any topic at all like i don't know.. ocean krill or arcade games and you would be able to carry on a conversation about them with so many facts and opinions. this one might be silly, i guess, but it's a really attractive quality and another huge one that drew me into you initially. you're just intelligent and to me, that's really, really sexy. i feel like since i met you, i've learned so much from you single day we've been together.

i told you it was corny!! corny but necessary. i hold a lot of what i feel in, so sometimes it's nice for me to gush and get all of my uwus out in one go. i hope you know how much i love you, minhyung. i know i'm not the warmest or the easiest to deal with most of the time, but i really love you and i could think of a million more adjectives to use for you: bright, charming, hilarious, passionate, inventive, imaginative, witty, versatile, attractive, dynamic, friendly, loving, optimistic, patient, resourceful, clever straightforward, and so many more. i really could go on and on, but i suppose what all of this really comes down to is... you make me happy. sometimes whenever we talk i can still feel my chest about to burst open. i feel you intensely, passionately, and hopefully forever. i know that we've been through hell together, i know we're different people, and i know that i am just about the opposite of a picnic at this point. but i always wanna be yours as long as you wanna to be mine. i love you so much. 오랫동안 같이 있자🧡
                 your yeji