happy 20th birthday!

are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly make you feel really good about yourself? if not, please go grab some tissues and a cup of tea because you're in for a tiny emotional rollercoaster. lia, can you even believe it? we're both finally in the 20's club, at the spring of our careers as idols!! i think back to when we first met, and i remember that i thought you looked like you might be a cold person, but then you smiled and your aura turned so warm, and i felt safe almost immediately. you've been my best friend ever since. i couldn't have asked for anyone better to share my life with, from the good experiences in this industry, to the uncomfortable things we don't share with anyone else, to the bad things. i know that you're always going to be here to protect me whenever i need protecting. i hope you know that i want to protect you, too. i want to make you happy, and i want to make sure that you're always smiling the way you did when we first met.

i'm taking this as my opportunity to thank you for everything you've done for me. you're always here for me whenever i need a shoulder to lean on. you brush my hair when i'm not feeling well and you crawl into bed with me just to wind down and talk about anything and everything after a long day of dancing for hours and hours. i feel beyond lucky to have someone like you, and to be able to lead someone like you. you make my position within the group an easy one... you let me do my job whenever i need to, you don't complain, and you do everything that i ask you to do. i got really lucky with itzy. all of you are so good to me, but you in particular are such a beacon for all of us. you're always there to offer strength when one or all of us don't have it. you encourage us to be better, and you see it through to the end.

that's part of what i think makes itzy so special. our industry makes it difficult to succeed as rookies, and we surpassed expectations completely. all of us contributed to getting where we are today. your position within the group has been such a vital part of that, lia. i know that someloveletterss you feel like you're not doing a good enough job, or that you're lacking somehow, but that just isn't the case and it never has been. you're powerful as choi jisu, and we're invincible together as itzy. is it weird to say that i really can't wait for the future with you? for me, it's exciting to imagine that our friendship could grow even stronger than it already has. i'm psyched to walk down this path with you – the path to becoming seasoned idols! veterans! noonas? AJUMMAS?? please remember that you are so loved, our beautiful zodiac princess. i love you so much!! i hope your birthday is just as special and as dazzling as you are.

daniel says: the incomparable, incredible, indispensable julia choi, you've done it. you can now officially say you survived your teens. (i know, it's scary, but being a grown-up looks so good on you so far. never looked better, in fact.) i hope the next year of your life is full of hit singles, happiness, and even more idioms that i will have to look up on dictionary.com. thank you for letting me be a part of your life, and i'm so excited to be here to celebrate your birthday with you. 🥠
jungwoo says: JUWULIA! OUR LITTLE CANCER CONSTELLATION! i'm usually offended when people are funnier than i am but you show me up in such a KIND way that it doesn't even matter, i will gladly take the loss to you. i'm lucky to have someone like you in my life to call my friend because not many people would tolerate my bad jokes/memes the way that you do. everyone adores you and it's not hard to see why. today is your day and you should treat it as such, let us spoil you with love and uwus. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! thank you for being such a bright star in all of our lives
mark says: juul pod, though you may have invented new ways to block and torment me, i really appreciate our friendship. you're thoughtful and kind and even though i think you've hexed me at least twice using your powers of the universe, i'm always happy to talk to you. i was gonna say let's be twitches like tia and tamera but i don't know how jesus would feel about it. LET'S JUST BE FRIENDS INSTEAD. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
zendaya says: MY DEAREST STRAWBABERRRY you are sunshine, sweetness and sass all wrapped up in the most PRECIOUS package, a gift to us all. i love you more than i can ever express and i hope your birthday is as perfect as you 🥰 HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIA!!
noah says: hi lia! i hope you have such a wonderful day~ you deserve the world today so i hope you go out, have a couple of cookies, and celebrate with your family and friends. if i could i would definitely be there with you!!! love peter kavinsky
haechan says: dear jisu aka lia,
i heard it's your birthday, you didn't mention this in your last letter. you better have made some fun birthday plans. what kind of cake is your favorite? i hope you have some and have a great birthday.
hahb (have a happy birthday),
your friend haechan
chenle says: lia, tollest woman and absolute sweetheart. i hope you have the best day ever! you make me smile with your adorable laugh and how you always say hello. i want to watch stuff and vibe over beatsense more with you soon.
jihoon says: Okay i am not the best with these things (this is how we got Okay) but i wanted to say that i've really enjoyed discovering our growing similarities and forging such a powerful alliance out of such a goofy beginning. there is something about you that makes me feel at ease and like i am welcome, and i am sure i am not the only one, so thank you for being kind. happy birthday and here's to many more chances for plotting and iz*smol mischief.
jae says: even though we don't speak on a regular basis, she is still someone very close to my heart. she always seems to pop in to check up on me when i need it the most, even if she doesn't realize it. although i am her senior, she is still someone who takes care of me, who looks out for me and makes sure that i am always aware of my worth and how much she cares about me. she is so generous, thoughtful, selfless. she is witty and funny and warm. i am so happy to know her.
lalisa says: princess lia is an absolute sweetheart. she's so sweet and kind and gorgeous and funny and all around a completely amazing person. i am so happy i know her and can't wait to get to know her more! she deserves the happiest birthday ever and i hope all her wishes come true!
yoongi says: lia, thank you for being so genuinely kind and caring. your messages are always something that bring a smile to my face through my zombie sleep state in the early hours of the morning. we may be ships that cross in the night, but i'm glad we find each other in the end. have a happy birthday!
hyunjin says: our brilliant hilarious kind generous warm and thoughtful miss lia!! the fact that you don't even have to say more than a few words to send us into a riot is only proof of how grand and influential your very existence is! there's simply no world worth having if you're not in it to occupy the spaces around us with your astrology insight or oprah gifs or soft threats YES I SAY SOFT because i can't ever see you as anything but loving and wonderful. i love your careful insight into everything given you, whether it's about the world as a whole or whatever music i find you always seem to know how to take it all apart so gently and mindfully with a perspective that i will ALWAYS appreciate and adore! it's like learning a new experience with you "sparseness~ and warmth~" is still kept on hand as the best way to describe so much now and i have only you to thank for this!! it's a daily and constant honor to be part of a family with you, i only hope that you'll continue to allow me to pick your brain and learn from you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE REIGNING SUPREME OF ALL CHOIS!! i hope it's full of all the best things and all the best people so that you can be loved and appreciated as YOU DESERVE but not just for today for every single day.